One Year Of G.A.S. – A Toast To YOU, Fellow Sufferers!!

The Wonder Dog

Where did it come from, that inspiration?

What made the idea coalesce in my fevered core as I sat, musing on my next steps??

Who could have ever foreseen… that G.A.S. would last so doggone long??!

Ahhh, but indeed it has, my friends, and today we celebrate!! We celebrate one year of G.A.S. shared together here on the website that ennobles and spreads empathy ’round for that beautiful curse we all carry… the relentless itch for further music gear!!

Play & Go MAD!

When I started this website one year ago today, I had only one parameter in mind: to create a fun, not-too-technical place where musicians could talk about, dream about and laughingly mock our penchant for always wanting (needing??) more music gear.

One year later this site has stayed true to that purpose and has seen many humorous jabs given to friends, myself, and dozens and dozens of instruments, software, hardware and music accessories.

I remember thinking that… if the vibe of could be somewhat of a mix of MAD magazine… and the classic musician’s movie “Spinal Tap”… then I’d be happy.

I’m happy to say that I think this amp has gone to eleven, folks. But don’t look at it. Don’t even LOOK at the amp, man.   lol



Poke Your Besties!

One of my favorite types of posts we came up with this year was the “Video Gear Review” with various friends taking the starring role. It’s always fun jokin’ around with your besties, right?!

We are already slated to do more of these, as they are zany, frenetic and slap-happy in their celebration of gear and showcase different people showing off the resulting gear from their own personal bout with Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

John Fiaschetti showed us his Line 6 Helix in THIS VIDEO.

Sean Barrett showed off his Egnater TOL50 amp in THIS VIDEO.

Pippin showed off his knowledge of the Telecaster in THIS BIZARRE VIDEO.

Gear Hounds Intro

And I even threw MY hat in the ring for various guitar educational videos.

Teaj teaches Strings
Check out our YouTube Channel too!!

Fun stuff! Our video room and gear is ALSO expanding (guess I’ll need to start a site for THAT fever!) so you’ll be seeing a lot more of us in motion from here on out. YouTube is hungry… alwaaaaays hungry!!

Picture This!

Besides wanting to sing that Blondie song for the next hour because I just came up with that title, I also have to tell you how much I enjoy coming up with all the pictures and videos for this website.

Pic within a pic!

It’s a truism that a picture is worth a thousand words, and finding just the right visual that fits the vibe of any given piece of gear is challenge at times, but one that’s always a pleasant quest.

I hope you find that, as you read these articles, the abundance of pictures I put in help you understand and get to know the various pieces of gear, as well as if you had them right in front of you.

On the artistic side, the past year has gradually honed a unique style to this website also, which you can see in all the featured images on the home page. I liken it to Salvador Dali meets “Wild, Wild West”. Or like the members of “The Cars” producing the graphics with Michael Penn shooting the stills.


However you describe the nuance, it’s a ton of fun, and we here at Seriousgas will continue to bring you the very best visuals we can create to bring to life the music equipment and related topics we cover. It’s all about putting YOU there in the Strum Seat, and it’s a goal for which we’ll never relent!

My Favorite Prescription!
The pain of G.A.S. desires!

This look back wouldn’t be complete without sharing with you all what my personal favorite G.A.S. HEALING was for this past year. It was a big one, and I’m still reeling in its wonders today.

It started with a daunting pang. The sickness fell swift upon me, and lo… its effects were dire in my veins! Oh, the loss! The emptiness! The sheer vacuum of need that sucked all contentment out of my swooning psyche…

But then, in one shining moment of sweet suffusion, the gods of electronics did bequeath unto me the panacea for my pains… the miracle for my malady… and my sorrows were surceased!!

Uh… I got Pro Tools.

The latest version of Pro Tools, “Pro Tools Ultimate” is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!! I am doing things now in production, tracking and mixing that I was never able to do before. At least not as quickly and easily as P.T. makes it!

Apollo Twin

To go along with it I got the Apollo Twin interface and the UA plugins that I’ve been using are just… so… GOOD. Without question, they are my favorite plugin company. Such quality. Such attention to detail. And the emulations of revered studio hardware? Spot on!

Yea, I got other guitars and such this past year, but without question my best and most influential purchase was Avid’s blockbuster recording platform.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t write about it, it’s because, dude, have you SEEN how many Pro Tools videos and articles there are out there on it??! We’re talkin’ THOOOOOOOOUSANDS!

I figured that’s a crowded enough pool already, and with that kind of crowd in a pool, you KNOW what else you’re stepping into! No thanks.   LOL

I will, however, be showcasing my Apollo soon, so stay tuned for that. I have Sweetwater Sound to thank for THAT little incident of G.A.S. My friend and Sales Rep there, Jeffrey Green, knows just how to PUSH MY BUTTONS. You rock, Jeffrey!

Best Posts From the Past Year!

Looking back, there are a number of posts here on Seriousgas that really got a lot of traction and continue to be the “Best of” posts based just on sheer number of people interested in them. Dozens of people glean insights from these posts every single day, and utilize the links I have in them to immediately get them the best choices for whatever it is they’re looking for.

Every recommendation we make here is thoroughly researched, the products tested, and, most of the time, even RECORDINGS MADE using the products, so you can hear for yourself!

If you haven’t read through these yet, don’t miss out on the savings they provide and the clear direction they give concerning gear that concerns you. Just CLICK the PICS to go there!!:

The AT4050 Review!
StroboRack guitar tuner says TEAJ!
The 7 Best Guitar Tuners of 2018!!
The Aston Spirit Mic Review!!


The 7 Best Crash Cymbals of 2018!!
Ukulele Collection of Ukulele dude!
The 7 Best Ukuleles of 2018!!
The Rode NT1 Mic Review!!
Lotsa Cajons!
How to Choose A Cajon Drum!!
Best Electric Guitar Strings
The 7 Best Electric Guitar Strings of 2018!!

And, because the holidays shopping season starts next month, we can’t forget this post which linked more people to gifts for their loved ones than any other post in the last year. Make sure the musician in YOU gets something cool this year!:

The Best Holiday Gifts For MUSICIANS!!


In honor of all we’ve explored and accomplished together this past year, I’ve produced a BRAND NEW LOGO that will soon be splashed onto everything hither and yon. I think it captures the jocular, lighthearted nature of this space, as well as interjecting a little mystery into the proceedings (“What IS that…??”).

Tell us what you think in the Comments!

Serious Gas Spaghetti Logo!

You’ll be seeing it soon on all of our social media platforms as well. If you haven’t joined up with us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Google +, come on over! We often put stuff up there that you won’t see here on the website.

Now We’re Cookin’ On G.A.S.!!

So that’s it – our first year is behind us! Amidst all the cheering and cake, we hear only one thing louder – the voices and tones of all the music YET to come!!

Being a musician is an exciting, rewarding and ever-uplifting calling, and here at Seriousgas we’re all about sharing stories of our knightly quest… where it takes us, how it moves us, and what machinery inspires us, on these shores of sound expression.

We hope you’ll keep stopping by, and keep sharing YOUR stories with us. The many comments and insights you shared this past year were great, and we always read and respond to every one. Thanks so much!!

So… what’s left to do, but… trip forth in our sweaty swoon?!

Lean forward towards electrifying cures!

Boldly go & secure those pieces of medicine that alone will cure this burning ill, this roiling reaction, this maddening malady – the NEED FOR GEAR!!!!

I raise my glass to us all, and toast “May that very BEST medicine… be placed freely in our hands… with all the requisite cables, dongles and upgrades… TO MUSIC GEAR!!!”

Now, go… make… (celebration) sounds!!!


Teaj in the storm fields!

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