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The Rode NT1 – Ssshhh! The Mic… Is Listening!!

Interested in the Rode NT1, eh? I’m not surprised! It has a really excellent reputation for being an incredibly useful mic in the studio and is touted in the ads by Rode as “one of the world’s quietest studio microphones”. Is that just hype? Or is it history?? Only a mic shootout will tell, so Read More

The AT4050 Review- The Turn of a Friendly Mic!

In 1995, I saw an ad that stopped me in my tracks. And my recording world would never be the same. But before we go there, let me take you further back a few years, to dear ol’ high school. I’d been in marching band since 7th grade, and one day a trombone player named Mike let me Read More

The Aston Spirit Mic – Shootout in the Studio!

Well, I have had a blast as usual in the studio today, and you all will reap the benefits of my fun! I decided to really put my new Aston Spirit mic through the ringer and test it against other mics in my arsenal that I use on an ongoing basis. The results are pretty much what I expected Read More

Aston Microphones – Toe Goes In… Hits Come out!

The world wasn’t really expecting, wanting or needing yet another microphone, let alone another microphone brand, to appear in 2016. Most would’ve said, “Okay, there’re enough kids in the pool at this point. Let’s stop the propagation before one of ’em breaks the ‘no pee‘ rule!” But despite our jaded-gearhound cynicism, a resounding SPLASH was Read More

Which Studio Recording Microphone is best?? A Wizard’s Convention Decides….

It’s been quite a few years since I was a cooing babe in my mother’s arms, but I’m told that even then I was one to sing out on occasion. Whether that was life’s endless, flowing inspiration or just the earliest iteration of gas…who can say? But one thing is certain: I’ve been singing for Read More