About Teaj

About TeajThe First Rumblings of G.A.S.!

You know, at first….it wasn’t about anything you could find in any store. It was about the music. The MUSIC, man. And, truth be told, it still is.


…..there’re times when a new piece of studio recording or live concert equipment could take your sound, your tone, your performance efficiency to the next level, and that’s when you know…Serious G.A.S. has struck you HARD!

I first fell victim to this maddening malady after getting my first acoustic guitar at 17. I practiced for a couple months, learned a lot of chords, a lot of strums, a lot of Simon & Garfunkel songs….and reached my first level of performance proficiency.

About TeajThen (wouldn’t you know it) one day I visited a friend, and he offered me HIS guitar to play. WHOA. Stop the song! I couldn’t believe how much EASIER to play it was. I hardly had to press the strings down to get a sweet tone, with no buzzing. The difference was stark – it was like I’d been playing a baseball bat by comparison!

I knew right then, right there… I just HAD to get me another axe like this one.

And that, my dear rockers, producers and performers, was the first bubble of trouble surfacing in a loooooooooong line of “MUST HAVE THAT”-s that continues to this day, decades later.

But don’t get me wrong – if you gotta be sick with something…it’s a wonderful way to go!

Why G.A.S. is good!

Let’s face it: some of us look for the latest electronic musical offering like a movie critic drools for the latest “Star Wars”. It’s fun. It’s inspiring. It solves problems! Yea, it can be a bit pricey, but, come on…anything good in life comes at a cost. Eddie’s ‘Frankenstrat’ wasn’t free. B.B.’s ‘Lucille’ wasn’t free. The Brenell tape recorders each of the Beatles had at home to catch songs weren’t free. And I ask you….WHERE WOULD WE BE without the songs that those bits of gear enabled??!

In a much less inspired place, I think we’d all agree.

Each new piece of gear for me expands my continuing quest to produce great music in my studio. My passion is songwriting, but without great gear to play it, and record it, I’d just be an acapella hipster, a Gregorian chant songster, my muse blowing in the winds. Ahh, but with great gear… moments of  transcendence may arise. I’ve seen it, time and again… in my tours in Europe… in my album recording sessions… throughout my L.A. days as a Prog Rock 80s band member… it all combines into a mosaic… of electronics longing!

Let the G.A.S. pass!!

So revel in the sickness, my friends!! Throw caution to the wind and scoop up ALL those music gear catalogs as you head to the bathroom! Peruse each seductive page with glee, and meet with me here, on this site, to CELEBRATE the madness – the sweet, magnetic, bewitching magic of music’s latest “Pandora’s box”. Let it out; LET IT OUT, I say!

And of course, leave your feedback here too, sharing YOUR burgeoning yearnings, YOUR feverish fervor, your mesmerized mutterings….even questions in the craving…and we’ll all go gear-crazy….together!

In fervid camaraderie,



6 Replies to “About Teaj”

  1. Great to have you in our midst, Filimusic! You sound like a lot of us… someone who finds G.A.S. descending upon them often!! LoL

  2. I knew you were hooked a looooooong time ago, Robert!! lol

    Great to have your musical presence here at S.G. Now let’s start planning that recording together…! đŸ˜‰

  3. Hey Teaj! Agreed! When one actually uses the gear acquired, it is very enriching and deeply satisfying! I’m hooked!

  4. I know the feeling, Mark. I’m probably going to have Mike Franks build me my first Concert uke. His instruments are da bomb.


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