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Ross Garfield, the Drum Doctor!

Ross Garfield – Behold, the Doctor of Drums!!

Today, my friends, you are in for a rare treat! It’s not often that I’m able to bring to your G.A.S.-y table someone with this much experience, talent, passion and MOJO, but somehow I managed it… and YOU are going to rock the benefit! If you’re a studio drummer and session player in L.A., then… well, Read More

More money, less bankruptcy!

The Gibson Bankruptcy – For Whom, The Bell Tolls?!

Did ya hear? Huh, huh? Didja?! Last Tuesday, the beloved guitar company, Gibson, filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They put all their cards on the table in a grand acquiescent fold, and now the chips are falling where they may. And they’re not in Gibson’s favor. Even Guitar Center is in the cross-hairs of potential Read More

Going the distance to be a successful musician

How To Be A Successful Musician – Racers On Your Marks!

This week… I’m in Florida. Orlando, to be specific. Why? If you guessed “to see the mouse”, well… you’re kinda right. I’ve been a long-distance runner since high school. I love the trial of pushing your limits and finally reaching the goal after giving it your all. It’s how I try to live life. So, Read More

What to take on vacation

What to Take on Vacation – A Musician Weighs In!

Today’s post comes to you from ‘musician country’ – Nashville, TN! Almost every year I hit this city, taking in its great musical heritage, learning from its storied past and present, and investigating new ideas, contacts and relationships to help my music forward. It helps to have relatives here too (thanks, brother Steven)! This year my Read More

Gear Hounds Intro

“Gear Hounds”, Episode One: “The Tele”

Ladies & gentlemen! I happily present to you… … our very first “Gear Hounds” video! Whoof!! Don’t ask how this wacky idea came to mind, ‘cuz I have no idea. But it did, and my dog… now gets more fan mail than I do!   LOL Really, it’s just a matter of taking things in my sphere of Read More

Long before digital music

Digital Music – Welcome To The Machine

In 1451, there was no digital music. The iPod? It was just a gleam in your great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- grandfather’s eye! But there were live concerts, with real people, playing real instruments. The music then, in what is considered the early Renaissance era, hadn’t really changed that much, rather it had just skipped Read More

Phil Collins – 7 Things To Learn From His Autobiography

In the big hair days of L.A. in the eighties, I was sporting said ‘big look’ and fronting my band at the time, “Reason Y”, and livin’ the dream. The keyboardist, Kenny, and I wrote the tunes, and we were influenced by many various groups, but one that we dug quite high above most was Read More

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