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Digital Music – Welcome To The Machine

In 1451, there was no digital music. The iPod? It was just a gleam in your great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- grandfather’s eye! But there were live concerts, with real people, playing real instruments. The music then, in what is considered the early Renaissance era, hadn’t really changed that much, rather it had just skipped Read More

Phil Collins – 7 Things To Learn From His Autobiography

In the big hair days of L.A. in the eighties, I was sporting said ‘big look’ and fronting my band at the time, “Reason Y”, and livin’ the dream. The keyboardist, Kenny, and I wrote the tunes, and we were influenced by many various groups, but one that we dug quite high above most was Read More

Freshen Up Your Music! Five New Ways to Play In 2018

Happy New Year, everyone!! Here in the first days of 2018 I’m rarin’ to go, ready to dish out to you all some hot, fresh music gear content to rock your world! New days; new months; new opportunities for all-surrounding G.A.S. Whoot!! Let’s jump into the bangin’ fray! David Lee Roth wrote in the lyric Read More

What Happened in 2017 – A Musician’s Look Back

So, Christmas and New Years Eve 2017 are now left in a crazy haze behind us. Hope yours was great! Hope your music G.A.S. was passed with brightly wrapped presents that gave you the “Ahhhh…!” of sweet Gear Acquisition Syndrome relief! Ahead of us now is a great big open sky to fly into: live gigs; Read More

The Power of Music – Pt. 1: Venues That Took Us… There!

This morning at 8:30 a.m. my family was awakened from Sunday morning sleep-in by a boom outside. A loud boom. A boom that at first we thought was thunder, but then… it lasted way to long for that, and just seemed… bigger. My wife immediately got out of bed and looked out the window. Clear Read More

Music For a Career – “I Am the Great Port-FOLIOooooo!”

There are some to whom the thought of being an accountant, a lab technician, an I.T. worker or even a helpful cop just can’t rub them the right way. Those who hear a different call; those who must stoke the inside fires and be true to the elusive muse that is shy but ever-present. Those Read More

About Teaj

The First Rumblings of G.A.S.! You know, at first….it wasn’t about anything you could find in any store. It was about the music. The MUSIC, man. And, truth be told, it still is. BUT…. …..there’re times when a new piece of studio recording or live concert equipment could take your sound, your tone, your performance Read More