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Bass Amp Rig cartoon

Bass Guitar Rigs – The Gigging Player’s Dream Configurations!

In 1988, I entered Guitar Center in Los Angeles. I had come looking for some guitar gear that I needed for a gig. As I entered the store, towering massively over me near the entrance was a bass stack. An astonishing stack. A magnificent citadel of sound that I knew I just HAD to play. A virtual Read More

5150 iii badge cartooned

The EVH 5150 iii amp- The Tone That Takes You THERE!

Okay… … full disclosure, right here, right up front, before I even talk about the EVH 5150 iii: I’m a huge Eddie Van Halen fan. Whenever I struck a rock pose in front of a window or mirror with friends, (before I even started learning guitar!) I was usually mimicking Eddie. Okay, maybe sometimes David Lee Roth too.  Read More

Teaj's best guitar tuner

7 Best Guitar Tuners of 2018 – The End of Flappin’ Frequencies!

Have you ever been frustrated because your guitar’s out of tune? Fear not, ’cause I’ve found for you some truly fail-safe and rockin’ options. Below is the LAST LIST YOU’LL NEED this year, and at the end… my number one pick, and the very choice I still use to this day! 1) KLIQ UberTuner Clip Read More

Serious G.A.S. Relief!! Interview 2: Sean Barrett & his Egnater TOL 50!

A rocker and his amp are not soon parted, as you shall see in today’s fun and insightful video interview with local virtuoso legend Sean Barrett! Come take a ride on the rockin’ side with us as we explore this gem of a transducer that is now almost 30 years old, the Egnater TOL 50. Read More

The Mesa Cab Clone – All Gain & No Pain!

Sometimes…. I like it LOUD. And I’m not just talking car radio loud. I mean shake the walls, rattle the windows, cause the icicles outside to drop and shatter and (even tho’ I have a big yard) make the neighbors consider calling that number. You know the one. And, yea, I’m wearin’ protection when I Read More

The Line 6 Helix – The Chameleon Steals The Show!

On a swaying brown branch in northern Madagascar, in the dry, gritty wind of a baking afternoon, a Parsons Chameleon sits amazingly still, blending in perfectly with the sparse foliage and branchery around it, waiting… waiting for that tantalizing treat that always comes with patience – his baited, buzzing bug snack! The reason it’s so Read More

Serious G.A.S. RELIEF!! Episode 1: John Fiaschetti & the Line 6 Helix!

Hey, everybody! Hope you’re having just an AWESOME week. Good news, we’re expanding here to take on more videos for 2018. We caught the YouTube bug and we’ve got it bad, so… welcome to the premiere of “Serious G.A.S. RELIEF!!” In these vids, we’ll be interviewing people about their own personal G.A.S. experience and the Read More

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