Serious G.A.S. RELIEF!! Episode 1: John Fiaschetti & the Line 6 Helix!

Hey, everybody! Hope you’re having just an AWESOME week.

Good news, we’re expanding here to take on more videos for 2018. We caught the YouTube bug and we’ve got it bad, so… welcome to the premiere of “Serious G.A.S. RELIEF!!” In these vids, we’ll be interviewing people about their own personal G.A.S. experience and the specifics of their gear love. First-hand experience is always insightful, and can really help us make good investment choices.

You’ll be seeing more of these first-hand videos from here on out. I’ve got some really cool musicians lines up who live, work and love their gear. You’re gonna love it!

With that in mind, let’s now hear straight from the rocker’s mouth. Today, John Fiaschetti takes us through his devotion to his new Line 6 Helix guitar processor.

Enjoy the fun, and, as always, thanks for making SeriousG.A.S. part of your regular routine!!

HERE is the direct link to Line 6 and their overview of the unit. Stay tuned to SeriousG.A.S. also, because my own review of it comes out in the next day or so.

Go make sounds!!



4 Replies to “Serious G.A.S. RELIEF!! Episode 1: John Fiaschetti & the Line 6 Helix!”

  1. Thanks for noticing the effort and fun, Christopher – it’s what we do here!

    For your dad, I’d recommend either THIS POST or THIS POST. Both spend some time on how to approach music with positive intent and keep the juices flowing in a way that breeds life and enjoyment for all.

    Much of the time, it’s all about the “tapes” that have been playing in our heads all our lives. Those tapes either have positive reflections about us recorded on them, or negative. It’s hard to get someone to change tapes, but with the right input, they can turn around!

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep in touch!

  2. From the looks of it, you have a really awesome set up going! Your energy is very enthusiastic, and you seem to love every day of what you’re doing. That is amazing!

    How might I ease a family member into that attitude/mindset about music? My father has been playing bass for over 30 years, but has a defeated attitude about it. He is fairly good, and practices a lot, but criticizes his playing before he gets very far.

  3. Is so nice to see you guys having fun! I would have given Joe Satriani my soul if he asked me, even if is just to play the kazoo! hahahaha i’ll be waiting on that Line 6 Helix guitar processor review!

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