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How to Play the Guitar For Beginners, Pt. 3 – The Juke Box Hero’s Quest!!

“High atop the glistening mountain, with Terrible Tune Eagles screeching from all directions around him, the Songsmith sat, and watched as the morning sun cut a laser ray overhead from the horizon, and bathed him in warmth. This was why he came: to see how song was born… … to understand its power… … and Read More

How to Play the Guitar For Beginners, Pt. 2 – Wield That Weapon With Style!

“Hiyyy -YAH!” “Tchoh!!” “Whohhhhhhhh – HAH!!!” If any of you, like me, have ever taken a martial arts class or course, then you know the sounds I’m talking about! Somehow just that little bit more ‘oomph’ comes forth when we utter those syllables of power. Plus, it just makes you seem more of a bad-ass, Read More

How to Play a Bass Guitar – Keepin’ It On the Down Low

You’ve heard it before; you’re walkin’ the sidewalk somewhere, maybe downtown, and a car goes by that has the music up so high you know their ear cilia is getting as fried like KFC chickens. Interestingly though, the only thing you can hear is that big, low rumble of the bass frequencies rolling past and Read More

How to Make a Song – Live and Let Di-atonic!

(Editor’s Note: Charlotte continues tutoring us for a second time in how to “make a song” today. You guys really liked her first entry, so let’s see what other genius ideas she’s got… this time about the writing of the tune and music!) Salutations! Charlotte here again. Teaj said you appreciated my last post about how Read More

How to Play the Guitar For Beginners – Pt. 1: Beavis-to-Keaggy Mastery Awaits You!

Ever since Elvis Presley appeared in 1956, flailing and rhythmically beating up the guitar that was strapped just above his undulating hips, guitars have been one of the best-selling instruments among youth in America. Currently, it’s the second most popular instrument for students taking private music lessons in America, dancing only behind the ubiquitous piano. Read More

How To Make a Song – Charlotte Shows the Ropes!

(Editor’s Note: Teaj here. Today you’re in a for a special treat. While I’m unpacking a new mic pre my ol’ pal Charlotte will be tutoring us in how to “make a song”, as she puts it. She’s really good at it and I know you’ll dig her methods. I asked her to share with us because Read More

How to Learn to Sing – Unleash the Siren Within!

In ancient Greek mythology, Sirens were feminine temptresses, half-bird, half-seductive women, that sailors would encounter on rocky shorelines and cliffs. They would sing beautifully and beckon them to come closer. It’s said that their song was so magical, so beguiling, so utterly irresistible that the sailors would sail their ships right towards these aquatic Venus Read More

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