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The Hohner B2

The Hohner B2 bass – You Never Forget Your First!

It was 1996. The Goo Goo Dolls were telling us all about some girl named “Iris“. Alanis Morissette was incorrectly schooling us on what “Ironic” means. And Oasis? They were making me sing right out loud and proud whenever their “Champagne Supernova” came on the station. All in all, it was a good year for Read More

All You Need Is Ears book

All You Need Is Ears – The Autobiography of Beatles Producer George Martin!!

Everyone remembers their first time. For me, it was a summer’s day in L.A. Reseda, specifically, in the San Fernando Valley. It was at my apartment, after work. My two roommates were gone, and wouldn’t be home for a few hours. It was the perfect time to lay back and… get a little action in. Read More

Easy guitar songs are great for little girl rockers

Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners – Rock Star Shortcuts 101!!

I’ve been playing gigs with just me and a couple guitars for decades now. A lot of time and energy was spent carefully choosing and charting songs from various decades in our past, all for the goal of bringing smiles and good memories to people’s faces and minds. Because of that, I’ve come to know Read More

Playing the Bodhran

What Is A Bodhran? – Heartbeat Of The Emerald Isle!

In 2015, I made an exciting discovery! Have you ever taken up a new musical instrument? Then you’ll know what I mean. That first discovery expanded my musical world, and eventually led me to another discovery, and the very question I pose to you today: “What is a Bodhran??” Now that I’ve been playing a Read More

The Inca war against Spain begat the cajon

What Is A Cajon Drum? – Welcome To The LITERAL Beat Box!

For all you gangstas of the groove out there, today’s post is an insightful reminder – there’s more than one way to skin a drum! Sometimes all it takes… is a couple PLANKS. Of all the wooden contraptions assembled throughout the centuries, the Cajon drum has to be one of the simplest, yet most efficiently Read More

Even Animal protects his hearing!

The Best Hearing Protection For Musicians – Guard It Or Scar It!

Last week I had a visit from my good friend Chester. He’s a very gifted writer of country songs, and we’ve been recording some of them and slowly working towards his first solo release. During our conversation he surprised me by saying that, guess what – he’s been deaf in his left ear since childhood! Light Read More


The Rode NT1 – Ssshhh! The Mic… Is Listening!!

Interested in the Rode NT1, eh? I’m not surprised! It has a really excellent reputation for being an incredibly useful mic in the studio and is touted in the ads by Rode as “one of the world’s quietest studio microphones”. Is that just hype? Or is it history?? Only a mic shootout will tell, so Read More

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