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National_Tri-cone resonator guitar

What Is A Resonator Guitar? – Steel Spider Bite And Delta Dust, Y’all!

In 1985, Dire Straits came out with a killer album, “Brothers In Arms”. It’s hanging on the wall in my studio, an example of one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. I picked it up immediately as soon as I heard the first single, “Money For Nothing”. What a GREAT guitar tone!! The cover Read More

The Ovation Balladeer S771 Guitar

The Ovation Balladeer Guitar – Pick Me! Strum Me! Stretch Me!!

Every once in a while you see something that just makes you stop. You have to take notice. You cannot NOT see it. It’s just that… striking! Once such moment for me was when I saw for the first time, in utter incredulity, the inimitable Hussein Yoga. No one should be able to do what Read More

Teaj's '62 Strat, cartooned

My ’62 Strat – Not Fade Away…!

It shouldn’t have happened. It should never happen. But it does. Tho’ it’s not a pleasant topic to discuss for those of us that appreciate, respect and take great care of our music gear, occasionally the unthinkable happens and we are parted from our dear investments. For me, such a separation occurred in my early Read More

The Jay Turser Serpent Guitar – FEEL the Flames!

Noela Evans wrote: “Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth – tame the dragon and the gift is yours!” Since 2012, I’ve made a musician’s addendum to that: Tame a dragon and your MUSIC WILL SOAR!! That’s because I am the glad owner of a Jay Turser Serpent Electric Guitar, model JT-200. I call Read More

EVH Guitars – For Clean or Mean Streets, They’ll Drive You Wild!

The shot heard ’round the world. That’s what some have called the guitar solo that Eddie Van Halen performed in Sunset Studio 1 in Los Angeles on September 8th, 1977. Forty years ago last month. It’s called “Eruption”. If you’ve never heard this piece, go look it up now, and really give it a good Read More

Guitar Strings – The Changing of the Colorless Guard!

We’ve all heard it: a famous musician from the classic rock era comes to town for a concert, sells out the arena, and puts on a great show. We either hear them at the show or on some new live recording shooting up the YouTube charts. But… that voice. That’s not the voice you remember Read More

Bass Mods Bass Review – It’s Pointy! It’s Moldy! It’s Got Alien Grooves!

In 2007, I was in need of another bass. Yes, G.A.S. had struck again, but this time I really did need ‘the right tool for the job’. My only bass at that time was a Steinberger clone which, tho’ cool and often got me interested ooglers and questions, was beginning to be a little too one-dimensional Read More

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