Best Electric Guitar Strings

7 Best Electric Guitar Strings of 2018 – String Theory… Musician-style!

Vibration. Shakes & quakes. Undulations and oscillations. Life is filled with all kinds of waves. String theorists, like the eminent Dr. Stephen Hawking who left us last week, have speculated that, at the quantum level, there’s a whole LOT of shakin’ goin’ on… in foundational strings that make up the universe! But as guitarists, we have Read More

How to Record at Home – Drums, Pt. 2: It’s All In Your Head!

If you’re a drummer/percussionist, you were probably hitting things very early on. Lots of things! Like pots, pans, walls, beds, school-books, bus seats, siblings, maybe the occasional pet… But as you matured you learned something: that the surface that you hit responds to your pummeling in two ways – with a certain bounce and a Read More

Gear Hounds Intro

“Gear Hounds”, Episode One: “The Tele”

Ladies & gentlemen! I happily present to you… … our very first “Gear Hounds” video! Whoof!! Don’t ask how this wacky idea came to mind, ‘cuz I have no idea. But it did, and my dog… now gets more fan mail than I do!   LOL Really, it’s just a matter of taking things in my sphere of Read More

Buy Ukuleles

How To Buy A Ukulele – The Island of Songs Awaits You, Mahn!

I was first turned on to playing the uke waaaay back in 1979! I went to see “The Jerk”, starring Steve Martin, and there was a scene with him and Bernadette Peters (his girlfriend in the movie) walking the beach, Steve playing ukulele, and both of them singing. It’s a CLASSIC scene from one of Read More

Teaj's best guitar tuner

7 Best Guitar Tuners of 2018 – The End of Flappin’ Frequencies!

Have you ever been frustrated because your guitar’s out of tune? Fear not, ’cause I’ve found for you some truly fail-safe and rockin’ options. Below is the LAST LIST YOU’LL NEED this year, and at the end… my number one pick, and the very choice I still use to this day! (Disclosure: if you purchase Read More

Long before digital music

Digital Music – Welcome To The Machine

In 1451, there was no digital music. The iPod? It was just a gleam in your great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- great-great- grandfather’s eye! But there were live concerts, with real people, playing real instruments. The music then, in what is considered the early Renaissance era, hadn’t really changed that much, rather it had just skipped Read More

How to Play the Guitar For Beginners, Pt. 3 – The Juke Box Hero’s Quest!!

“High atop the glistening mountain, with Terrible Tune Eagles screeching from all directions around him, the Songsmith sat, and watched as the morning sun cut a laser ray overhead from the horizon, and bathed him in warmth. This was why he came: to see how song was born… … to understand its power… … and Read More

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