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Ross Garfield, the Drum Doctor!

Ross Garfield – Behold, the Doctor of Drums!!

Today, my friends, you are in for a rare treat! It’s not often that I’m able to bring to your G.A.S.-y table someone with this much experience, talent, passion and MOJO, but somehow I managed it… and YOU are going to rock the benefit! If you’re a studio drummer and session player in L.A., then… well, Read More

instruments Lab

Weird Musical Instruments – Unusual But Usable Ways To Float Your Notes!

There’s one night in L.A. that I’ll never forget. It probably sticks with me not just because of the company and the surroundings, but the possibilities that filled my head from that day forward. It was my first glimpse into what weird musical instruments could add to a song… My friends Laura & Mini had Read More

National_Tri-cone resonator guitar

What Is A Resonator Guitar? – Steel Spider Bite And Delta Dust, Y’all!

In 1985, Dire Straits came out with a killer album, “Brothers In Arms”. It’s hanging on the wall in my studio, an example of one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. I picked it up immediately as soon as I heard the first single, “Money For Nothing”. What a GREAT guitar tone!! The cover Read More

More money, less bankruptcy!

The Gibson Bankruptcy – For Whom, The Bell Tolls?!

Did ya hear? Huh, huh? Didja?! Last Tuesday, the beloved guitar company, Gibson, filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They put all their cards on the table in a grand acquiescent fold, and now the chips are falling where they may. And they’re not in Gibson’s favor. Even Guitar Center is in the cross-hairs of potential Read More

The Ovation Balladeer S771 Guitar

The Ovation Balladeer Guitar – Pick Me! Strum Me! Stretch Me!!

Every once in a while you see something that just makes you stop. You have to take notice. You cannot NOT see it. It’s just that… striking! Once such moment for me was when I saw for the first time, in utter incredulity, the inimitable Hussein Yoga. No one should be able to do what Read More

5150 iii badge cartooned

The EVH 5150 iii amp- The Tone That Takes You THERE!

Okay… … full disclosure, right here, right up front, before I even talk about the EVH 5150 iii: I’m a huge Eddie Van Halen fan. Whenever I struck a rock pose in front of a window or mirror with friends, (before I even started learning guitar!) I was usually mimicking Eddie. Okay, maybe sometimes David Lee Roth too.  Read More

Going the distance to be a successful musician

How To Be A Successful Musician – Racers On Your Marks!

This week… I’m in Florida. Orlando, to be specific. Why? If you guessed “to see the mouse”, well… you’re kinda right. I’ve been a long-distance runner since high school. I love the trial of pushing your limits and finally reaching the goal after giving it your all. It’s how I try to live life. So, Read More

Learning how to mix a song when tracks are full

How to Mix Songs – Resources To Make YOU a Pro!

Some things are hard to admit. You hide. You avert. You spin. You distract people from it. But the truth… will… OUT! So finally, here I will set the record straight. Let the chips fall where they may. As Sting said: “If this was all correct the last thing I’d expect… The Prosecution rests. It’s Read More

showing how to record at home by tuning a maple snare

How to Record at Home – Drums, Pt. 3: Fine Tune Your Tuning!

When I look back at the many drum sounds I’ve encountered while performing and studying music, I have to say that the 80s produced the most wide-spread variety of drum sounds and approaches out of all the decades of recording. There was something in the water, I guess, back then – every engineer and producer seemed Read More

What to take on vacation

What to Take on Vacation – A Musician Weighs In!

Today’s post comes to you from ‘musician country’ – Nashville, TN! Almost every year I hit this city, taking in its great musical heritage, learning from its storied past and present, and investigating new ideas, contacts and relationships to help my music forward. It helps to have relatives here too (thanks, brother Steven)! This year my Read More

Teaj's '62 Strat, cartooned

My ’62 Strat – Not Fade Away…!

It shouldn’t have happened. It should never happen. But it does. Tho’ it’s not a pleasant topic to discuss for those of us that appreciate, respect and take great care of our music gear, occasionally the unthinkable happens and we are parted from our dear investments. For me, such a separation occurred in my early Read More

Best Electric Guitar Strings

7 Best Electric Guitar Strings of 2018 – String Theory… Musician-style!

WHAT ARE THE BEST ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS??!! Well, we’ll leave scientific “string theory” to eminent thinkers like Dr. Stephen Hawking who left us last week, and instead just show you… … THE WINNERS! Enjoy this unbeatable, in-depth electric guitar strings comparison on the Web, in ascending order of performance: 7) D’Angelico “ElectroZinc” Strings   So, here’s the Read More

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