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Playing the Bodhran

What Is A Bodhran? – Heartbeat Of The Emerald Isle!

In 2015, I made an exciting discovery! Have you ever taken up a new musical instrument? Then you’ll know what I mean. That first discovery expanded my musical world, and eventually led me to another discovery, and the very question I pose to you today: “What is a Bodhran??” Now that I’ve been playing a Read More

The Inca war against Spain begat the cajon

What Is A Cajon Drum? – Welcome To The LITERAL Beat Box!

For all you gangstas of the groove out there, today’s post is an insightful reminder – there’s more than one way to skin a drum! Sometimes all it takes… is a couple PLANKS. Of all the wooden contraptions assembled throughout the centuries, the Cajon drum has to be one of the simplest, yet most efficiently Read More

Teaj on the Meinl Cajon

My Meinl Cajon – A Slap Away From Groovin’!

Who remembers the MTV “Unplugged” series??! So many great concerts! So much truly good musicianship! It separated the pros from the posers too. It’s easy to sound good with all the studio tricks in the book, but when you have just a microphone and an acoustic instrument, you either put up or shut up! If Read More

Ross Garfield, the Drum Doctor!

Ross Garfield – Behold, the Doctor of Drums!!

Today, my friends, you are in for a rare treat! It’s not often that I’m able to bring to your G.A.S.-y table someone with this much experience, talent, passion and MOJO, but somehow I managed it… and YOU are going to rock the benefit! If you’re a studio drummer and session player in L.A., then… well, Read More

How to Record at Home – Drums, Pt. 1:The Dirty Low Down!

A Classic Rock station here in Detroit has a tendency to play the Boz Scaggs song “Lowdown” a lot. I like it; it’s a great song with great players. In fact, most of the backing musicians on that album soon after formed Toto, a band which is still out touring, for a brand new album, right now, forty-one Read More

“Hey, Mr. Colaiuta – what’s the best beginner snare drum, ya think??”

If only we all could ask the greatest players of every instrument, like Vinnie, such questions. Something tells me there’d be a lot fewer Chinese knock-offs in our kits! If you’re new to the snare world, or even drums in general, welcome!! It’s a world of laughter! A world of tears! It’s a….oh, no, wait Read More