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How to Record at Home – Drums, Pt. 1:The Dirty Low Down!

A Classic Rock station here in Detroit has a tendency to play the Boz Scaggs song “Lowdown” a lot. I like it; it’s a great song with great players. In fact, most of the backing musicians on that album soon after formed Toto, a band which is still out touring, for a brand new album, right now, forty-one Read More

“Hey, Mr. Colaiuta – what’s the best beginner snare drum, ya think??”

If only we all could ask the greatest players of every instrument, like Vinnie, such questions. Something tells me there’d be a lot fewer Chinese knock-offs in our kits! If you’re new to the snare world, or even drums in general, welcome!! It’s a world of laughter! A world of tears! It’s a….oh, no, wait Read More