“Gear Hounds”, Episode One: “The Tele”

Ladies & gentlemen! I happily present to you…

… our very first “Gear Hounds” video! Whoof!!

Don’t ask how this wacky idea came to mind, ‘cuz I have no idea. But it did, and my dog… now gets more fan mail than I do!   LOL

Really, it’s just a matter of taking things in my sphere of influence that mean a lot to me and doin’ a fun mash-up. I mean, come one… who doesn’t like a talking dog who knows how to mix in the studio??!

So, hey, you know what to do! Life’s short… watch more “Gear Hounds“!!






8 Replies to ““Gear Hounds”, Episode One: “The Tele””

  1. Yea, Pippin is a fantastic addition to our home. He’s just over a year old now and we couldn’t ask for a better pup.
    I told him of your support. He gives you a HIGH FIVE with BOTH PAWS!! LOL

  2. Thanks, Jim! Yea, we’re already discussing the next script. People just eat this ‘talkin’ dog’ stuff UP!!!

    I must admit here for full disclosure though,… I did NOT buy a new Tele just like THAT! But I wish I COULD!!!  LOL

    If you like videos, check out some of my gear / artist interviews, like THIS ONE with a world champion classical guitarist. Here at SeriousGas, we know how to have FUN!     😉

  3. What a great video!

    And, you’re right, you know…

    Your dog is a star!

    And he gives you some great advice, too! I can see why he gets the most fan mail.

    If only my dog could advise me as well as yours – I bet I solve a lot of problems! LOL

    Keep those videos coming! I can’t wait to see EPISODE TWO!


  4. This video just made me realize, i should have trained my dog in recording and production, instead of teaching him how to sit and roll over LOL. What a lovely dog you have. I think i’ll be his number one fan!

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