Measuring for new acoustic guitar parts

Acoustic Guitar Parts – Swap ‘Em Out To Step It Up!

For my birthday this past Memorial Day weekend, I got a rockin’, G.A.S.-y gift! I had specifically asked for certain acoustic guitar parts, and my family, being the awesome examples of humans that they are, had some nicely wrapped and ready for my open hands as soon as I got up. The present was deceptively Read More

gain stage Cartoon 2

How To Gain Stage, Pt. 1 – Launching Your Guitar Tone!

(Editor’s Note: Hey, gearheads! Teaj here. Please help me welcome a good friend of mine, fellow G.A.S. sufferer and new blog author to our site: Mr. Sean Barrett. He’ll be sharing his expertise in the pro audio field from time to time, and you’re sure to dig what he’s layin’ down. Take it away, Sean… Read More

Teaj on the Meinl Cajon

My Meinl Cajon – A Slap Away From Groovin’!

Who remembers the MTV “Unplugged” series??! So many great concerts! So much truly good musicianship! It separated the pros from the posers too. It’s easy to sound good with all the studio tricks in the book, but when you have just a microphone and an acoustic instrument, you either put up or shut up! If Read More

Bass Amp Rig cartoon

Bass Guitar Rigs – The Gigging Player’s Dream Configurations!

In 1988, I entered Guitar Center in Los Angeles. I had come looking for some guitar gear that I needed for a gig. As I entered the store, towering massively over me near the entrance was a bass stack. An astonishing stack. A magnificent citadel of sound that I knew I just HAD to play. A virtual Read More

Ross Garfield, the Drum Doctor!

Ross Garfield – Behold, the Doctor of Drums!!

Today, my friends, you are in for a rare treat! It’s not often that I’m able to bring to your G.A.S.-y table someone with this much experience, talent, passion and MOJO, but somehow I managed it… and YOU are going to rock the benefit! If you’re a studio drummer and session player in L.A., then… well, Read More

instruments Lab

Weird Musical Instruments – Unusual But Usable Ways To Float Your Notes!

There’s one night in L.A. that I’ll never forget. It probably sticks with me not just because of the company and the surroundings, but the possibilities that filled my head from that day forward. It was my first glimpse into what weird musical instruments could add to a song… My friends Laura & Mini had Read More

National_Tri-cone resonator guitar

What Is A Resonator Guitar? – Steel Spider Bite And Delta Dust, Y’all!

In 1985, Dire Straits came out with a killer album, “Brothers In Arms”. It’s hanging on the wall in my studio, an example of one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. I picked it up immediately as soon as I heard the first single, “Money For Nothing”. What a GREAT guitar tone!! The cover Read More

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