Serious G.A.S.! Music Gear We've Gotta Have!! - Part 2
Learning how to mix a song when tracks are full

How to Mix Songs – Resources To Make YOU a Pro!

Some things are hard to admit. You hide. You avert. You spin. You distract people from it. But the truth… will… OUT! So finally, here I will set the record straight. Let the chips fall where they may. As Sting said: “If this was all correct the last thing I’d expect… The Prosecution rests. It’s Read More

showing how to record at home by tuning a maple snare

How to Record at Home – Drums, Pt. 3: Fine Tune Your Tuning!

When I look back at the many drum sounds I’ve encountered while performing and studying music, I have to say that the 80s produced the most wide-spread variety of drum sounds and approaches out of all the decades of recording. There was something in the water, I guess, back then – every engineer and producer seemed Read More

What to take on vacation

What to Take on Vacation – A Musician Weighs In!

Today’s post comes to you from ‘musician country’ – Nashville, TN! Almost every year I hit this city, taking in its great musical heritage, learning from its storied past and present, and investigating new ideas, contacts and relationships to help my music forward. It helps to have relatives here too (thanks, brother Steven)! This year my Read More

Teaj's '62 Strat, cartooned

My ’62 Strat – Not Fade Away…!

It shouldn’t have happened. It should never happen. But it does. Tho’ it’s not a pleasant topic to discuss for those of us that appreciate, respect and take great care of our music gear, occasionally the unthinkable happens and we are parted from our dear investments. For me, such a separation occurred in my early Read More

Best Electric Guitar Strings

7 Best Electric Guitar Strings of 2018 – String Theory… Musician-style!

WHAT ARE THE BEST ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS??!! Well, we’ll leave scientific “string theory” to eminent thinkers like Dr. Stephen Hawking who left us last week, and instead just show you… … THE WINNERS! Enjoy this unbeatable, in-depth electric guitar strings comparison on the Web, in ascending order of performance: 7) D’Angelico “ElectroZinc” Strings   So, here’s the Read More

How to Record at Home – Drums, Pt. 2: It’s All In Your Head!

If you’re a drummer/percussionist, you were probably hitting things very early on. Lots of things! Like pots, pans, walls, beds, school-books, bus seats, siblings, maybe the occasional pet… But as you matured you learned something: that the surface that you hit responds to your pummeling in two ways – with a certain bounce and a Read More

Gear Hounds Intro

“Gear Hounds”, Episode One: “The Tele”

Ladies & gentlemen! I happily present to you… … our very first “Gear Hounds” video! Whoof!! Don’t ask how this wacky idea came to mind, ‘cuz I have no idea. But it did, and my dog… now gets more fan mail than I do!   LOL Really, it’s just a matter of taking things in my sphere of Read More

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