“Gear Head Bangs!”, Gig 1

Today is a special day here at SeriousGas.com, and not only because it’s Valentine’s Day, the worldwide day of LOVE, desire and knee-trembling fulfillment…

It’s also a new day for G.A.S.-y comedy!!

Get your Phil’ of Laughter

I’d like to introduce my good friend Philippe Stuart to you all. 

He’s an exceptionally creative soul and a wonderful visual artist. I first discovered his talents at the fitness center we both work at, and have been more and more impressed the more I see of his works.

Soon, he’ll have his own website to share his incredibly detailed paintings and drawings, but for right now… we’re gonna showcase his creations here!

Ha-Ha-Haow about some MORE GEAR?!

Our new goal together is to create all-new bits of “Gear-Love” comic laughs, in honor of our shared affinity for music gear and instruments. Philippe has a quick and erudite wit, so finding just the right visuals to tip us into ROFL peeks into  communal equipment lust takes him little effort.

That said, we all at SeriousGas thank him for his excellent contributions to our site, and to G.A.S. sufferers everywhere. I know you’re gonna wanna tune in whenever he drops a new cartoon pane that feels our pain…

Get your P

And now… without further adieu… 

I introduce to you the very FIRST installment of…


(Drop the mic)  LOL


“Sweet Love”

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