Free Audio Plugins – Neutron AND Ozone both!!!

You read that right. We couldn’t wait to share this with you all!

We’re musicians too. We know the beauty of “Free”!

So jump on these before they’re gone. I already got both of them!! Lol

iZotope Neutron 3

The website called “PluginBoutique” is now giving anyone who wants it the awesome Neutron 3 Elements Software (PC/Mac Digital Download).

All you have to do is enter the discount code PBSCNE in the code blank before you purchase!

Also you must be register on the website, but that’s no biggie ‘cuz it’s free and you get to hear more about other pieces of great software.

So whatta ya waitin’ for?!!


iZotope Ozone 9

Our good friends over at “Sweetwater” obviously have a GREAT relationship with iZotope, since they are allowing us now to get a great MASTERING plugin set called Ozone 9 Elements (PC/Mac Digital Download).

This time you’ll just put in your usual contact info and you’re emailed a download link instantly.

And when I say instantly, I mean just that. As soon as I finished pushing the purchase button I went to my email and the download link was already waiting for me.

Now that’s service!!

Anyone else doin’ their own mastering like I do?? Then get some SERIOUS help with this amazing plugin:


Got Mine!

Some of you skeptics may be asking, “Is this legit??”

The answer is an unequivocal YES – it totally is!

I just frenetically jumped online when I got the news on both of these. I instantly got my own copies, and now… I’m studying up on how to make my next mixes and masters even BETTER with their use!

So you also want to investigate how to improve your final tunes, these two plugins could really take your songs to the next level

IF you learn how to use them well, of course. 😉


Others Got Theirs!

Some have already written on the SlickDeals site about their own snagging of Neutron:

Eric Freeman downloaded his and said, “Great deal. The element versions of the plugins are considered “paid” iZotope products even if you got them for free. This will allow you to get the cheaper “crossgrade” price if you want to upgrade to the full versions or get more products in a bundle! The Music Production Suite 3 crossgrade goes on sale pretty frequently…”

CelticMoose grabbed the deal then told us, “These plugins are even useful for podcasting FYI… I use Nectar Elements and RX 7 Elements. iZotope makes good stuff.”

And finally, ECJWZ got it and, in his audio glee, said, “There has never been a better time to make music. Ableton and Pro Tools have 90 day free trials, and Voltage Nucleus modular synth is also free!”

A Quickee

Not much to today’s post… except what we need – the link to FREE-dom!!

Use the extra cash you saved to get yourself some OTHER gear, and make these quarantine days your most prolific in years!!

And if you use our links? It helps pay for our website. That’s a big helpf, so thanks for your consideration. 😉

Let us know here at SeriousGas if you get these iZotope plugins, what you think of ’em, and how they’ve changed YOUR mixes.

In the meantime… I’m firing’ up Pro Tools, baby!

Now, go… make… SOUNDS!!!

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