Gifts For Musicians – Make The Yuletide PLAY!!

Every Christmas the same uncertainty surfaces about my musician friends: “I know she’s into music, but… what do I get her??!” “You’re a musician too – what can I get him that he’d like??” Well, those are excellent questions, so here are hand-picked,  tried-and-true ‘perfect gifts’ for your melody- makers. They’re not only going to like Read More

How To Record Music – The Sky’s The Limit!

It’s the second night of a beautiful, bright, fall supermoon over Detroit tonight. My computerized telescope is at the back door, ready to capture some video footage as it climbs into the sky and struts its stuff for those of us who care to look on. The skies have always pulled at me, like music, Read More

The Power of Music – Pt. 1: Venues That Took Us… There!

This morning at 8:30 a.m. my family was awakened from Sunday morning sleep-in by a boom outside. A loud boom. A boom that at first we thought was thunder, but then… it lasted way to long for that, and just seemed… bigger. My wife immediately got out of bed and looked out the window. Clear Read More

EVH Guitars – For Clean or Mean Streets, They’ll Drive You Wild!

The shot heard ’round the world. That’s what some have called the guitar solo that Eddie Van Halen performed in Sunset Studio 1 in Los Angeles on September 8th, 1977. Forty years ago last month. It’s called “Eruption”. If you’ve never heard this piece, go look it up now, and really give it a good Read More

Guitar Strings – The Changing of the Colorless Guard!

We’ve all heard it: a famous musician from the classic rock era comes to town for a concert, sells out the arena, and puts on a great show. We either hear them at the show or on some new live recording shooting up the YouTube charts. But… that voice. That’s not the voice you remember Read More

Shop-Talk-Smack, Issue 4: Cyber Monday!!

Teaj     Read More

How to Play a Bass Guitar – Keepin’ It On the Down Low

You’ve heard it before; you’re walkin’ the sidewalk somewhere, maybe downtown, and a car goes by that has the music up so high you know their ear cilia is getting as fried like KFC chickens. Interestingly though, the only thing you can hear is that big, low rumble of the bass frequencies rolling past and Read More

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