Introducing “Shop Talk Smack!”!

Hey, everybody!

Enjoy this first look at a weekly comic we’ll be feeding to ya. Anything to keep that G.A.S. risin’!! LOL


Shop Talk Smack! Issue 1

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  1. Good questions, all! I always tell my students it’s good to know the rules, but at the end of the day if it SOUNDS good, it IS good. That being said, the heads that you put on different drums have various strengths, and not all are made for the hard-hitting nature of sticks. For example, bongos CAN be played with sticks, but you run the risk of cracking the head, since much of the time actual animal skin is used for those.

    Glad you noticed the ‘didactic’ nature of the comic too. My site is funny, but since I’m a teacher I┬álike to get across information that might stick with you about this awesome thing called music and the gear that goes along with it.

    Thanks for the questions, Cali Blue Dream!

  2. Nice work there! G.A.S. can befall anyone in almost any industry. I have so many unread comic books from the days when I was hellbent on collecting anything I could afford.
    I like how you used humor to explain that not all drums are meant for sticks or hands. The uninitiated will assume that hands and sticks are interchangeable.
    I realize bongos aren’t made for sticks but can you get a unique sound from them that way? Or does the sound come off as flat without any punch to it? Or maybe you’re likely to damage them?

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