2 Replies to “Shop Talk Smack! Issue 3 – Cymbal Strength!”

  1. Indeed, Jeff! My site is meant to revel in the fun, enjoyment and creativity that is boundless in the area of recording music. Add to that the fact that I’ve always respected those who can be really funny without being crass, derisive or vulgar and you’ve hit my nail right on the head!

    Did you see the Halloween comic? If you’ve ever been in a music store on Halloween, it’s not too far afield!

    I guess all those Steve Martin records and MAD magazines had some kind of influence!! LOL

  2. Hi, TJ. Looking specifically at this article only, I found it to be incredibly funny with the discussion taking place between the musical cymbals. The one cymbal, (the largest at size 18) stating to the others that a person would derive the most pleasure hitting it once, as opposed to the smaller sized cymbals was hilarious.

    The last illustration brought home the entire humorous point of the comic strip with the individual about to hit the entire large-sized gong – it made out to be a person’s face.

    The comic strip was funny without being offensive. In today’s social media driven world it’s kind of sad that people only derive humor coming from jokes that include vulgarity, sex, racist/homophobic/cultural that truly are offensive. A person designing a comical/humorous joke that has the explicit intent of offending, making fun of, or even psychologically hurting someone else. And with the Internet and social media platforms quickly the “joke” gets out to tens of millions of people rapidly.

    The type of humor seen in the article harkens back to a period where it was nothing but harmless fun, not meant to humiliate any one person or specific group of people.


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