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Hey, Teaj here, founder of

I agree with transparency on the internet, so I’m lettin’ you know here that I am regarded as an “affiliate marketer” to the online shops and platforms you see below.

After I have researched heavily and posted my top recommendations for you, based on real-world use and professional insights, I receive a commission on the purchases you make through the affiliate links in each article. This does not add any more to the products, and it doesn’t cost you a penny more. It does, however, reward me for the days, and sometimes weeks, of testing, research and recording that I do with the various products I recommend.

You have my promise that I will not make any one product look better than it actually performed. I am also not endorsed by a particular company; I can make a small commission on any of the products I suggest when you utilize my links, so you can count on me being impartial in my judgments across all brands.

SeriousGas is all about reveling in the joy and fun of being a musician, and working with the most varied selection of musical instruments and gear ever in the history of mankind. What a time to be alive and playing!

To help you make smart purchasing decisions, I also continue to show you what I consider the best products at the best prices. As you purchase through my affiliate links, it costs you nothing AND allows me to make a living and cover the costs (both time and money!) of creating and maintaining this awesome and helpful content.

Currently I work exclusively with, Musician’s Friend, Guitar Center and Sam Ash. They pay me a small commission every time you purchase something from them through my links.

Finally, thank you for utilizing this website, and my affiliate links, to welcome new gear into your studios and stages. Without you, I couldn’t do the research that saves us all money.

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