The AT4050 Review- The Turn of a Friendly Mic!

In 1995, I saw an ad that stopped me in my tracks. And my recording world would never be the same. But before we go there, let me take you further back a few years, to dear ol’ high school. I’d been in marching band since 7th grade, and one day a trombone player named Mike let me Read More

The 5 Best Headphones for Under 100 – Time to Trade In The Stone Wheel!

Rroawg was a cutting-edge cave man. He always had his ear to the ground, not only to hear if the wooly mammoth’s were stampeding, but also to find out what was ground-breaking, new, inventive. Oh, sure, he’d had the rock wheel, but that was so… last year. Now we wanted a better stone roller; one Read More

The Warm Audio TB12 Mic Pre – the Ultimate Case of Crayons!

Across the walls of our bedroom downstairs are many varied pieces of art. They have a plethora of themes, imagery and names: “Frog Dissection With Worm and Bone”; “Vortex Birthday”; “Drago Lava Showers in Wishbone Glade”; “Mellow Marshie and His Bouncing Arm”. All of them classics. All of them done… by our children before they Read More

How to Make a Song – Live and Let Di-atonic!

(Editor’s Note: Charlotte continues tutoring us for a second time in how to “make a song” today. You guys really liked her first entry, so let’s see what other genius ideas she’s got… this time about the writing of the tune and music!) Salutations! Charlotte here again. Teaj said you appreciated my last post about how Read More

Best Recording Software for PC – the Game of Audio Thrones!

“Back against the cold stone, Bereso’s sweat was nonetheless rolling down the back of his neck, produced by the exertion of running the three miles from the tower’s hold. He had found and taken the proof he was looking for: the Usurpers had continued honing their new magic, and two days hence they would meet in Read More

Shop Talk Smack! Issue 3 – Cymbal Strength!

Teaj Read More

How to Play the Guitar For Beginners – Pt. 1: Beavis-to-Keaggy Mastery Awaits You!

Ever since Elvis Presley appeared in 1956, flailing and rhythmically beating up the guitar that was strapped just above his undulating hips, guitars have been one of the best-selling instruments among youth in America. Currently, it’s the second most popular instrument for students taking private music lessons in America, dancing only behind the ubiquitous piano. Read More

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