Serious G.A.S.! Music Gear We've Gotta Have!! - Part 8

Music For a Career – “I Am the Great Port-FOLIOooooo!”

There are some to whom the thought of being an accountant, a lab technician, an I.T. worker or even a helpful cop just can’t rub them the right way. Those who hear a different call; those who must stoke the inside fires and be true to the elusive muse that is shy but ever-present. Those Read More

Cool Stuff to Buy – a ‘Sax In the Hands’ Metaphysical Meandering

Today, I purchased a new mic pre. Yep. I’ve been G.A.S.-ing for it for the last month (at least!) and after carefully cross-examining it with other options online, I pushed the button this morning, which just proves, for the hundredth time, that in any given month, week, day, hour, minute, second…..there’s a lot of cool Read More

How to Learn to Sing – Unleash the Siren Within!

In ancient Greek mythology, Sirens were feminine temptresses, half-bird, half-seductive women, that sailors would encounter on rocky shorelines and cliffs. They would sing beautifully and beckon them to come closer. It’s said that their song was so magical, so beguiling, so utterly irresistible that the sailors would sail their ships right towards these aquatic Venus Read More

Introducing “Shop Talk Smack!”!

Hey, everybody! Enjoy this first look at a weekly comic we’ll be feeding to ya. Anything to keep that G.A.S. risin’!! LOL   Read More

How to Record at Home – Spinning Sound Into Gold!

You may not have noticed if you haven’t been following pro audio for long, but the ways that electronics have improved and proliferated have provided us today with limitless ways to produce music quickly and inexpensively. Never before have we had so many accessible and simple ways to make music, get it to the people Read More

After Decades of G.A.S….it’s Time For a Music Gear Cart!

Okay, so…it might not be the most glamorous thing to write about, but speaking from experience, having a music gear cart for schlepping our beloved items back and forth from gigs can really save the day. Take this case in point….: “Hey, Teaj.”  “Yea, man.” “You guys can’t use the backstage door anymore.” “What? Why Read More

Bass Mods Bass Review – It’s Pointy! It’s Moldy! It’s Got Alien Grooves!

In 2007, I was in need of another bass. Yes, G.A.S. had struck again, but this time I really did need ‘the right tool for the job’. My only bass at that time was a Steinberger clone which, tho’ cool and often got me interested ooglers and questions, was beginning to be a little too one-dimensional Read More

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